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Karate / Taekwondo

Our Karate / Taekwondo program is a two day per week program that caters to teens and adults of all ages. USA Martial Arts teaches the style known as Chong Shin Kwan, which synthesizes the traditional arts of Japanese Karate-Do and Korean Taekwondo. Karate focuses more on hand strikes and sweeps, and Taekwondo more on diverse kicks. Within the Chong Shin Kwan style, students receive training in both arts, allowing for greater understanding and skill as a martial artist. Alongside the techniques associated with Taekwondo and Karate, our style also incorporates the traditional arts of Kobudo (Ancient Weapons), Aikido (Joint Locking and Throwing) and Judo (Grappling, Throwing and Pinning), as well as modern self-defense and fitness training.

Benefits of training

Class schedule: