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Our Aikido program is a two day per week program that caters to teens and adults of all ages. USA Martial Arts teaches the Retsushinkai Style of Aikido which is a blend of the Aikikai and Yoshinkai styles of Aikido. Students learn techniques which allow them to safely neutralize attacks from grabs, chokes, strikes, and armed assailants. Our curriculum also features the traditional weapons of Aikido which are the Bokken (Wooden Sword), Jo (Short Staff), and Tanto (Knife). Aikido is an effective means of self-defense and is commonly used by law enforcement. The Retsushinkai Style of USA Martial Arts stems from Shihan Van Bushnell (6th Dan Aikido) whose instructors include Hanshi Roger Jarrett (7th Dan Aikido), and Hanshi Kevin Blok (9th Dan Aikido).

Benefits of training

Class schedule: